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We are Sandy and Ed Walper, both Boston natives, currently living in an Active 55 community in Maryland. We thrive on travel, having ventured to 6 of the 7 continents over the past few years. We have cruised the Baltics, South America, Eastern Canada, the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic,The British Isles and more.

We are happy to announce that we are now certified by SPECIAL NEEDS GROUP as a supplier of assistive equipment....to make your CRUISE vacation fully accessible.

We have toured China, Eastern Europe, Iceland, Israel, and many US National Parks. Spending life-changing times in great destinations like St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Sydney, London, Beijing, Jerusalem, Barcelona, and Istanbul provided us amazing experiences that we love to share with others.

Biography: Sandy and Ed Walper are an active retired couple, blessed with three adult kids, two wonderful daughters-in-laws, an awesome son-in-law and 8 terrific grandchildren. Their families reside in Massachusetts, Texas, and England. That alone keeps them traveling!

Sandy is a retired teacher with deep experience both in public and private schools. She taught in the classroom and worked extensively in curriculum development. She did multi-cultural liaison work as well as Student Council and Safety Patrol advising. She always enjoyed interaction with parents, helping to maximize their kids' experiences. The organizational and listening skills honed through her education career were essential in transitioning to the travel business.

Ed is a retired office products industry executive with many years of operations, warehousing, purchasing, merchandising, and negotiation experience. He served as Senior Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company, Executive VP of a major regional office goods and services company, and President/CEO of a global consortium of buying groups representing independent office products dealers worldwide. He co-founded a major dealer buying group in the United States and operated his own consulting firm. Ed's work has taken him to England, France Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, The Netherland, and Saudi Arabia. Easy to see how Ed grew to love travel.

Top Destinations: Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Panama Canal, Cuba, Australia/New Zealand

Specialties: Budget, deluxe and luxury Cruises and Escorted tours

Recent Trips: Cruises: Australia, New Zealand, South America, Cuba, Caribbean Tours: Eastern Europe, US National Parks, Iceland Independent travel: Leeds & Manchester, UK; New England

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